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Nicolas Sirot and Benjamin Voron have the same age than us...

 20 000 km, and 25 countries crossed for a very sporting trip (no english version).
Sybil and Maud: blasted little women for a wonderful World Tour (no english version)
Anne - Cécile and Jean BAZIN leave Dieppe to reunite Jerusalem... A very beautiful adventure! (no english version)
3 little Swiss in bicycle from Mexico City to Ushuaia. (no english version)
Discover all the musics of the World through the Tour of the World of Pierre and
Lili. (no english version).
The United States from the East to the West in solo, by Jean - Baptist Vielle. (no english version).
Laurent Tuffi's magnificent site (Catalan geographer of 30 years): he has the same trailer than us.
Olivier, Erwan and Ian. 3 cycles on the road of the tales from an ocean to the other one.(english version available !).
The World Wide Tour of the Hervé's. 14 years! (no english version)
" The Julie's Trip ": Julie, the tireless woman, did the 2 Americas by bike !!! 18 months of happiness! (english version available !)