Yves Duteil | Christian de Boisredon

Yves Duteil : godfather of our aventure !!!


Since always, Yves Duteil, the godfather of our adventure, has "a great history of love with the children who surround it".

That is concretized today through its new album:

"Yves Duteil Sings the children".

The drawing of
our godfather



Dear Vincent, Romain and Fabrice

I am with you by the heart
in this insane and so pretty project....
A drawing for a intention? ...
A mosaic of images and universes
to know of what one dreams.
All my wishes are with you on the road, I hope that you
will meet yourselves with
turning of the glances, the mirrors that someone
 will give you. And that you will discover there
a face which will smile you for all
the future...

    Good luck, good courage,
        and friendships.

Yves Duteil.



Christian de Boisredon, joint-author of  The Hope Around the World



Wearied by the topicality anxiogene conveyed by the media, Loc, Nicolas and Christian left to the meeting those and those, which advance the world, that they are owners or ragmen.


Christian de Boisedon


Joint author of

the Hope around the world,

d Pocket.


128 rue Lecourbe

75015 Paris








With the appropriate authority


The project of Fabrice Morin, Vincent Huret and Romain Vaucel, held all my attention for its unquestionable interest and its step of mediatization in favour of the children.


The principal objective ; to show that despite everything, certain children can leave themselves there, is for us in the logic of our turn of the world of the hope carried out in 1997 and with the continuation of which was published : The Hope around the World.


Consequently, I could only encourage their initiative and support their company too much to sensitize the French public, and particularly the young people, in the living conditions of the children of the streets in the world.


Their testimony will be able to undoubtedly give birth to from the vocations of volunteers, as that was the case with our book.


I invite all those which can support their project to make it because it is thanks to these moral or concrete encouragements that this project will be able to take even more scale. By way of comparison, our book would never have become best-seller and we could never as many have given royalties without the support of our sponsors and godfathers.




Christian de Boisredon