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Why to leave ?   |   Why the Sheeps ?   |   Why by bike ?   |   What else ?

Why to leave ?

To discover the World through all what it is, all its riches,  beginning with the main clause: the Human Being.

This idea germinated in our pupils' brains  five years ago: do a World Wide Tour! We spoke about it without really believing  in it, without knowing if the life would leave with us the opportunity to do it!

Now that's it, the question is not layed any more: we want to leave, we are going to leave!


Why the Sheeps ?

It seemed important to us to find a goal in this tour of the World, other than cutting us of our everyday life during one year. Quickly our heart tilted for the children: they are the force of the tomorrow World and have still all the innocence which allows them to dream without barriers about a better world. So our idea is to centre our World trip on the subject of the childhood.


But how understand  their dreams ? How express them ? By the drawing of course! Universal way of communication because the language barrier does not exist any more! The sheep came then quite naturally, reminding the famous sentence of the Little Prince, written by St Exupéry...

So, our project is  to collect as many children's  drawings as possible with a common point  to all these works: the Sheep! It will help them to express their desires, their dreams, their joys...

We would also want, through this project of drawings, to establish a link between the elementary schools of our city and the schools of the whole world, so that the children are from now on conscious and enriched by the cultural varieties of the planet.


Why by bike ?

Simply because it is the ideal way  for what we are looking for: 

- It allows us, while advancing  not too slowly, to be absorbed with cultures and with landscapes which we are going to meet.

- On the other hand, for the sportsmen that we are, the cycle adds a true sports challenge to accept.

- Finally, the bicycle seems the best way  to us to  meet populations of the World: the bicycle attracts  the curiosity everywhere it passes (especially if it is ballasted by 40 kg of material and overlapted by little Westerners) and we so plan to have the maximum of opportunities to have wonderful meetings everywhere we shall pass.


What else ?

Just like the book " On a roulé sur la Terre" (One ride on Earth) of Alexandre Poussin and Sylvain Tesson, which motivate us for this project, we at the present time train ourselves for jonglage (diabolo, balls of juggles) and for recorder, in order to establish the first contact, not always easy, with the populations which we shall meet.

Fortunately for him, Vincent has found a solution for not being separated from his dear guitar during our adventure due to obstruction. He thus unearthed a training guitar for child (size: 1/2) which holds just in the length of the trailer! What he would not do for his fetish instrument !