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Europe (departure)   |   Africa   |   South America   |   South Pacific Crossing   |   Asia  |   Return
Europe : departure


-         France

-         Spain to Gibraltar where we'll cross by boat to Morocco.



-      Morocco by the road of Rabat and Casablanca, then we'll follow the west coast.

-      Canary Islands.

-      From there, we'll take a boat to Senegal where we shall leave for South America.


South America


-         Arrival at Buenos Aires (Argentina)

-      Then, direction West to Chile, with, between the Argentina and Chile, a collar of 5000m of height to be crossed.

-      Crossing of Chile to Santiago where we will fly away to the route of Asia.


South Pacific Crossing


-         Easter Island if we can, given the air routes and the fact that we want to arrive at Taiwan.

-      Stopever in French Polynesia, passing by Papeetein Tahiti




-         Taiwan.

-       Hong-Kong.

-       Southeast China  in the direction of Vietnam.

-       Vietnam from the North to the South, passing first of all by Hanoi and Halong's bay, then by Booed in the centre and the river of the Flavors, etc...  until Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). There, we shall take a boat  for Bangkok.

-       Once in Thailand, it will be necessary for us to look for a way to join India. A priori, we shall  go down southward a bit to join the Andaman sea. From there, boat to Calcutta.

-       From Calcutta, crossing of India from the East to the West until New Delhi-Delhi.

-       In New Delhi, plane until Luxor ( Egypt). Once over there, descent of the Nile to Cairo.




-        From there (Cairo), boat to Turkey (or Greece), then Yugoslavia, Hungary, Austria, Germany and finally return in France.




-      Boat to Italy, ascent by Italy, then Austria, Germany and finally, return in France (shorter route than the first one, according to the time it'll remain us).